Miui notifications

Miui notifications

A lot of users have been complaining that they are unable to view notifications on their lock screen with the launch of MIUI 10, which also packs several useful features like Second Space.

There are a few ways to solve this problem which I will discuss in this guide. That should help resolve the problem when MIUI lock screen notifications are not working problem for most users. The first thing you should do is check for any pending update for your OS. If it is an OS-related issue, they may have released a patch.

To check, open Settings, tap on About phone and then select System update. At this point, I would also recommend you to update all the apps you have installed on your phone by visiting the Play Store. Tap on Update All to begin and make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi to avoid unnecessary data charges.

Once you have checked and updated the OS and the apps, reboot your Android phone as this little trick is known to resolve quite a few problems on smartphones.

An option in MIUI allows users to choose whether they want to receive notifications when the phone is locked. Make sure that the Show on Lock screen is toggled on here. On second thought, Show notification icons should also be enabled here. Are you receiving notifications for some apps while others simply fail to appear on the lock screen? If that is the case, then you will need to tweak app-specific notifications. You will see a list of all apps that you have installed on your Android mobile.

Select the app for which you wish to receive notifications on the lock screen. Note that the options for separate apps are different, but you are looking for lock screen notifications. For example, in Boost, Tap on Replies, messages, and mentions to find that option. To protect your notifications from prying eyes, MIUI has another feature inside system settings where you can choose how you want to receive notifications. Tap on Advanced settings here. That is where you can decide if you want to receive notifications on lock screen.

If yes, do you want to hide its contents or not? Very useful to protect private messages and calls, for example. There are two things we need to consider here. One is the battery optimization settings that come pre-installed on all MIUI smartphones, and the other is third-party apps that you may have installed.

You will have to check them yourself to make sure they are set correctly. Tap on the gear icon on the upper-right of the screen. That will help avoid any possible conflicts. Go back and tap on Choose apps now.There is no doubt that Xiaomi smartphones are great value for money when it comes to the hardware.

However, if you look at the software experience, it seems MIUI has taken a step back in terms of the user experience. Having said that, there is a way out and you can remove most of the ads from your Xiaomi device. At this point, push notifications through the default web browser and other native apps have become pretty annoying as they relentlessly push inappropriate content notifications and irrelevant ads on your device.

Whenever you are alerted with an irrelevant notification, do not dismiss it at first glance. This is the fastest and easiest way to block push notifications in MIUI 11 from that particular app.

Download MIUI 9 Stock Ringtones, Notification Tones, and Alarm Tones

Here, you can easily disable notifications for all the apps. I would recommend you to disable notifications for Browser, GetApps, Dailyhunt and Mi Video as they are the ones who send push notifications incessantly.

So until then, we need to disable ads from individual app settings. Having done that, now open individual apps that annoy you with ads and turn off the recommendations. This way, you can disable ads for each app in MIUI All you have to do is find the recommendation toggle under any menu and disable it. Here, disable the toggle and you are done. In fact, Xiaomi has even removed the option to disable those apps, which was available on prior versions of MIUI.

Not to mention, Xiaomi — like many other OEMs — ships with background Facebook services and various other analytics tools. From a privacy perspective, this has disastrous implications as you are no longer in control of your data. For instance, even if you delete the Facebook app, it can still remain active in the background and harvest your data without your consent.

To give you another example, if you use the Cleaner feature in the Security app, file names from the internal storage and location data are sent to Cheetah Mobile— a company that has committed ad fraud in the past and has been debarred from the Play Store by Google.

There are several shady packages installed in the background having access to many system privileges. So if you want to completely remove these analytics tools and bloatware from your Xiaomi smartphone, follow the guide below. Next, download the Xiaomi Debloater from here. No need to use the command line.

miui notifications

Now, connect your smartphone and the Debloater will automatically detect your device. Doing so would bootloop your device. If you are having any sort of problem, you can go through our detailed tutorial on how to remove bloatware from any Android device.MIUI has adopted various new features but still has some issues.

Push notification issues have become a significant problem in MIUI. Xiaomi has focused a lot on memory management. Not only Xiaomi but most of the Chinese manufactured smartphones, suppress these push notifications to enhance the battery life. Due to this reason, you may not know instantly when a message arrives on your smartphone.

But there are still the ways that help you receive the notifications. In this article, we will discuss on how we can fix this push notification issue on MIUI.

Following these couple of steps, you can receive notifications. First, open the app, then press the recent app button. From there find the app you want to receive the notification. Now pull down it to lock it, Now the app is locked and it never gets cleared. This is the last step to fix the push notification issues. First, you need to enable the developer options to do so follow these steps. So these are some of the ways to solve push notifications issues. If you are having such issues with your Xiaomi smartphone then I suggest you try the above-mentioned steps.

It may be one of yours too. So give it a try. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Xiaomi smartphones are primarily famous in Asian countries because of their value for money.

This is the reason why most people use Xiaomi smartphones. And MIUI is like a supermarket of advertisements. And with MIUI you will get ads, bloatware and un-necessary push notifications. Everything was down to minimal and stock experience.

However, with time, Xiaomi started collecting user data and services advertisements to their users based on the user data. This is just another way of making money, but it gives un-necessary and annoying advertisements and notifications to the user. And today, we will guide you to do that without rooting your Xiaomi device. Disabling ads is a complicated process. However, there are other ways to make them in-active and thus stopping these un-necessary notifications and advertisements on your device.

Push notifications are these random advertisements that you will see on your lock screen. These notifications appear when you use play store, unlock your device, or use messaging apps. Also, you might see them while browsing the internet. Whenever you get a push notification, simply tap and hold the notification. It will show a small dialogue box where you can disable the service. This is one of the fastest and easiest methods to remove the un-necessary push notifications on MIUI 11 smartphones.

MIUI is a great skin for Android devices. However, the un-necessary ads just make it worse. So here is a quick guide to removing ads from MIUI 11 forever:.

First of all, we need to disable the MSA application. This app is responsible for collecting information and serving ads based on the information. So by disabling this app service, you will get rid of those un-necessary advertisements.

miui notifications

Here go to Authorization and Revocation option. Scroll down and find the toggle for MSA app. Make sure it is disabled. Note: The MSA works on an internet connection. So make sure to connect with the internet before disabling the app. Disable the toggle for times, and it will toggle off successfully. Now MSA is disabled. However, there are still apps like the default browser, music app, local app store, etc.

These apps will still show advertisements. So we need to disable them one by one. You need to disable such Personalised service in the Mi Video app. To do this, navigate to Mi Video Settings. Simply disable them.

Now we need to disable Lockscreen ads. These are the ads that you frequently see on lock screen hile locking or unlocking your device. You also need to disable the personalized ad recommendations. This option tracks user behavior and pushes notifications or advertisements according to that.

Bloatware is another problem in Xiaomi devices.Regular updates and useful features make the interface that much more appealing for potential users. The latest update brings with it features like Second Space which allows users to use their device like two different devices. It allows you to create a separate space on your smartphone that you can use for personal photos, files, apps, documents, etc.

miui notifications

Mi Drop, which is a very powerful file transfer tool, Dual apps that allow users to sign in with different accounts to apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and more. While the plethora of features and updates are very well appreciated, there have been complaints among users who got the update about how they have been unable to receive notifications on their lock screen. However, there are a few things that we can try to get to the bottom of the issue and those have been mentioned below:.

Update OS and Apps Checking your system to make sure there are no pending updates is the first thing that you need to do. If the issue is related to the OS, there might be a patch that has been released. Your phone will now check for updates and will inform you if there is one. If the problem isn't with the OS, you will need to check on the apps next. Update all the apps that need to be by visiting the Play Store.

Check to see if you receive notifications on the lock screen now. If you're done with the all of the updates to the OS and the apps, the best thing to do next is reboot your smartphone. This should solve the issues that you're facing. MIUI also has an option that allows users to choose whether they want to receive notifications or not when the phone is locked.

After you open Settings, scroll a little and you will be able to find the Notification and Status Bar. If you have been receiving notifications for only some apps while you don't get notifications for the rest, you need to tweak app-specific notifications.

You will be able to see a list of the apps that you have installed on your Android mobile. In an attempt to protect notifications from prying eyes, MIUI has another feature inside System Settings which allows you to choose how you want to receive notifications.

Tap on Advanced Settings here.

miui notifications

Select the Lock Screen. You get to decide whether you want to receive notifications here. Tap on Battery Optimization here.

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Tap on the gear icon at the upper-right corner of the screen. Go back and select Choose apps now. Choose the app that you aren't receiving notifications for on your lock screen. If Battery Saver doesn't do the trick, selecting No Restrictions should resolve any conflicts.

Some apps don't start automatically when your phone has been rebooted because they don't have the necessary permission. If an app is not displaying notifications on the lock screen, go to Settings, click on Manage apps and choose an app.Tips and Tricks. Mahadi Hasan. Ahad Hossain. R yhan. Lots and lots of people have complained about Xiaomi phones not displaying push notifications.

This is in fact more of a Chinese thing.

Change Notification Panel Any Xiaomi Phones - (NO ROOT) Most Secret Exclusive Features MIUI 11 - 🔥

Most Chinese manufactured smartphones, suppress push notifications in order to enhance battery life. This may be a little bit inconveniencing if you want to know instantly when a message comes into your phone. Well, here are five little steps to help you restore normalcy to push notifications on your Xiaomi device running MIUI. From there, pick the apps you want to receive notifications, and toggle the switch to turn it on. Step 5: This last step requires Developer Options privileges. Tap on MIUI version tab like eight times.

Thank you. Thanks For Sharing. Please Add Screenshot On Your thread for better quality. Thanks for sharing. Nice post. Gratitude for according this marvelous tips with us, it's really important to solely.

Nice tips. Click the reply button to get a fast response. Mi Big Fan. Thanks, informative. Newbie Member. Mi A2. Eid Mubarak. MIUI Throw Back with Mi Mi Community App Review. Redmi Note 7. Super Saturday. Super Monday. Super Sunday. Content Policy.Newer Xiaomi devices, especially those with a waterdrop notch display like the Redmi Note 7 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 9handle notifications in a rather strange manner.

Notification icons appear on the top left corner of the device when the notification arrives. But after a couple of seconds, the notification icon disappears, even though the notification is not dismissed and continues existing in the notification panel. The end result will be that icons for notifications will stick around till the notification is cleared.

Do note that the app will not be able to display notification icons on the lockscreen because of system limitations. You are also advised to lock the device in memory to avoid clearing it while clearing apps. Want more posts like this delivered to your inbox? Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter. Commerce and Law graduate with a passion for all things Android, Aamir frequently helps people get the best out of their budget smartphones through generous use of custom roms and kernels.

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